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OCC21-07: EIV Discrepancies

Will The Valid Discrepancy Please Stand Up?

Are you pulling the Income Report and Income Discrepancy Report because HUD tells you, you must, but you have no idea what you’re looking at? Ever unsure if the discrepancy is valid or not? And what the heck is a POI?

In this course, CMS will go over the true purpose of the Income & Income Discrepancy Reports. We will break down where EIV receives their information and what they are comparing it to, to produce a potential discrepancy. By the end, learners should feel confident in analyzing the reports at a tenant’s annual and/or interim recertification and understand which discrepancies are just imitating.

Event Details

  • Date September 15, 2021
  • Time 10:00 AM Pacific Time
  • Location Zoom (Click on Below Link)
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Presented by Karen Ventrice, Affordable Housing Trainer

Karen currently serves as the PBCA Affordable Housing Trainer and has been an integral part of CMS for 10 years. Her experience includes roles as Resident Liaison, Contracts Specialist, Compliance Specialist, and now the PBCA Affordable Housing Trainer for CMS. Karen provides a full range of instructional design services including needs analysis, content design and creation, training observations, evaluation of content and courses, instructional consultations, and development of training interventions.

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