Option 5

Renewal of Portfolio Reengineering Demonstration or Preservation Projects

Option 5 is split into two different options, Option 5a Portfolio Reengineering Demonstration and Option 5b Preservation Projects.

Option 5a, Demonstration projects

This option covers any project that has completed the Demo program, as evidenced by a recorded Use Agreement. If the owner entered into the Demo program but did not execute and record a Demo Use Agreement, it is not eligible to renew under Option 5.

Option 5b, Preservation Projects

Preservation Project renewals consist of Section 236 and 221d3 BMIR properties whose owners entered into Long-term Use Agreements with HUD under either Title II Emergency Low Income Housing Preservation Act of 1987 (ELIPHA), or Title VI, Low-income Housing Preservation and Resident Homeownership Act of 1990 (LIHPRHA).

Properties can only renew under Option 5 if they are already in an Option 5 contract. No new properties may submit paperwork to renew under this option.

Option 5 Renewal Rent Adjustments Methods

The rent adjustment method available to you will be listed in the individual project’s Plan of Action (POA) and/or Use Agreement.

Utility Allowance Analysis

A Full Baseline Utility Allowance with all supporting data collected from utility companies or tenants is required at minimum every 3 years but can be prepared and submitted annually.
Download the Baseline Utility Allowance Worksheet

For the two years following the most recent Baseline Utility Allowance, owners and agents have the option to again obtain data from utilities or tenants to determine utility allowances, or to perform a Factor-Based Utility Analysis, adjusting the allowance using a state-specific increase factor called the Utility Allowance Factor (UAF) provided by HUD.
Download the UAF Calculation Worksheet

What is required for your submission?

Access our Option 5 Checklist here for a detailed list of Option 5a or 5b submission requirements, or download it along with our Option 5 Resource Bundle below.

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