Preparing for Your Management and Occupancy Review (MOR)

Any questions or concerns regarding you upcoming or scheduled Management Occupancy Review can be forwarded to the Compliance Department inbox, A Compliance Specialist will get in contact with you.

Please note: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, CMS will not be entering any occupied units during their On-Site visit.

Prior to the Management Occupancy Review On-Site, the Owner/Agent should:

  • Confirm Appointment (Date and time will be sent to the Owner/Agents listed in HUD Secure Systems via email for confirmation)
  • Provide property information (Requested in the Upcoming MOR email)
  • Notify subsidized and non-subsidized residents accordingly
  • Fill out and return the MOR Survey Questionnaire
  • Submit the following documents in advance for review:
    • Employment Data
    • List of damages chargeable to tenants/Maintenance charges (if applicable)
    • List of Fee charges, in addition to rent, including HUD approval letter (if applicable)
    • Written Rent Collection Policy
    • Tenant Selection Plan
    • Application/Pre-Application/Supplement to Application/Reject Letter
    • Copy of Owner Third-Party Verification Forms
    • Waiting List (Current Sample pages, entire list is not required)
    • EIV Policies and Procedures
    • Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (HUD 935.2)
    • Copies of Advertising efforts for the past year, including Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Handouts, Brochures, Leaflets, Etc.
    • Lease
    • Lease Addenda, including House Rules (if any)
    • Pet Policy (if applicable)
    • Rent Schedule (HUD-92458)
    • Current Rent Roll
    • Grievance Policy
    • Tenant Handbook and/or Newsletter (if any)
    • Written Rules for the Community Room (if any)
    • Lead-Free Certification (if applicable)
    • VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan
    • Other (Documents provided to applicants/tenants, if any)

During the Management Occupancy Review On-Site visit, the Owner/Agent can expect:

  • A verbal on-site interview
  • A review of a minimum of five tenant files in accordance with HUD Form-9834 A (Shall include at least one move-out and/or rejected applicant)
  • An observation of commons areas, maintenance areas, property grounds, and a sampling of vacant/occupied units
  • Follow-up on REAC inspection reports
  • Exit Conference

After the Management Occupancy Review, the Owner/Agent can expect:

  • To receive the MOR Report Summary and Comments within 30 calendar days of the on-site visit
  • Required to respond to MOR Findings by the Target Completion Date listed on the MOR Report (30 calendar days)
  • Receive the opportunity to appeal an overall MOR score of Below Average or Unsatisfactory within 30 calendar days of the date of the MOR Report
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