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Kristy Yeadon
Compliance Manager

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About MORs

An on-site management and occupancy review (MOR) of each Section 8 project is conducted as funded by HUD.  The review is a comprehensive assessment of the owner’s procedures for directing and overseeing project operations, and the adequacy of the procedures for carrying out day to day, front-line activities.  Some examples of the areas that are included in the audit are:

    • Maintenance
    • Security
    • Leasing
    • Occupancy
    • Certification and recertification of family income and determination of the family payments
    • Financial management
    • Management Improvement and Operating (MIO) Plans
    • General maintenance practices

The results of the on-site review must provide adequate documentation to support any enforcement actions proposed against the owner by the PHA or HUD. The outcome of the MOR is to identify and resolve areas of noncompliance with HUD regulations and other requirements.

Our Role

The primary responsibilities of CMS in conducting MORs are to assess management and provide oversight of multifamily housing properties. As the PBCA of Nebraska, Utah and Washington State, CMS is tasked with performing these duties for all multifamily properties in those jurisdictions, and also holds a contract with the PBCA of Missouri to provide these services in that state. CMS reviewers evaluate Owner/Agent operating policies, procedures and documentation related to compliance with HAP contracts as dictated in the regulations, handbooks, notices, and guidance issued by HUD.


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